"Let's stop thinking small. Any committed and passionate artist can make it as an actor."

- Jen & Camille

Dear Actor, 


We are so happy you found us. 

You’re probably wondering, “Is this the right place for me? Will this get me where I want to go?” 

It’s a big decision to work with someone new and it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. 

So let us to tell you a little about ourselves…

We love actors. 

We know that actors change the world through story-telling. 

We believe that your passion and and desire is powerful. 

We believe that training is important and effective. 

We believe that everyone is equal. Everyone. 

We believe that opportunity is abundant. 

We believe that talent is something to be carefully nurtured. 

We believe in being gentle and kind, but also honest to the end. 

We believe that if you are truly authentic, nothing can stop you. 

We believe in you. 


Jen and Camille

Ways You Can Work With Us...

The Actors Support Network 


Guiding Actors Every Step of the Way. 

Join our inclusive membership and get direct one-on-one access, monthly classes, instructional videos, and consistent support.



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Working one-on-one

Take a deeper dive into your genius by working with us one on one. We are available for private coaching in all areas of acting study. 
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Other Classes


Group Classes 

We have a vast array of classes for both beginners and experienced actors. This in-depth study focuses on text analysis, movement, sensory work, and scene study. 



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Work with us...

Our mission at Speak L.A. is to give you a road map to your career wherever you are located and wherever you may go. We can't wait to meet you!

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