The Speak L.A. Community


Join the Community, a group of talented, motivated, trained actors moving to L.A. The Speak L.A. Community offers...

  • Accountability
  • Group Coaching¬†¬†
  • Mindset Work & Practices
  • Resources & How-to Guidance for your move
  • Pop-up Industry Guest Expert Classes
  • Pop-up Acting Classes¬†¬†¬†

...So that you THRIVE when you get here. Welcome to L.A.!



Do you have big dreams of building your acting career in L.A.?


If you could have an acting career in L.A. 

without wasting any time "figuring out" how to network, find an agent, make a good reel, get a day job... (the list goes on!)


And, do it within a community of actors from all around the world, who are motivated, determined, and resilient just like you. 

Would you finally feel ready to make that dream of being an actor a reality? 

Yes! Sign me Up!

Raise your hand if you relate to this... 


You are an actor.

In the deepest most tenderest space in your heart is the desire to act.

You know without a doubt that you are destined to be great, you are great.

You know what the end goal is, but you don't know how to get there.

You might be surrounded by people that don't get your industry, your passion, your desire, but you're willing.

You will keep going, no matter what it takes.

You have the drive, the love, the training, the persistence.

Most of the time, you have no doubts, but sometimes there's that small voice inside of you that says..

Would if I don't...?

And, how do I...?

But, still you keep going.

You will follow your dream. You will move to L.A. You will be a part of the TV & Film Industry.


We Get It. 


We started the SPEAK L.A. Community because when we came to L.A. as young actors, we had plenty of training, but no business savvy. We knew how to create characters and how to ACT, but we didn't know how to book the job or even how to get in the room. The more we talked with other actors, the more we realized we were not alone in our frustrations. Millions of actors come to Hollywood dreaming of a career, but they quit before they start because they can't break the secret code of the business of Hollywood. 


We teach you how to break that code.

Meet Your Coaches, Jen and Camille

Jen co-ran a Hollywood Talent Company for 20 years, helping hundreds of actors thrive in their careers.

Camille teaches at The USC School of Drama. 

Together, they have interviewed hundreds of professional casting directors, agents, famous actors, and teachers on Speak L.A. the Podcast. 

They have taught and coached the business of acting all over the world. 

Under their guidance, Speak L.A.’s Members have relocated to L.A., signed with agents, connected with casting directors, booked their first TV jobs, and established fulfilling careers.

Jen & Camille are ready to help you, too! 


What do you get when you join The Speak L.A. Community?


Monthly Q&A

Group Coaching


Get guidance and actionable steps each month in this Zoom Q&A. Join your fellow community from across the US and abroad for laser focused coaching. As we work with actors within the group, you will learn and hold each other accountable. 

This Q&A Group Coaching runs for 2 hours on Zoom. If you can't make it, no worries! We will record each session and post it within the community.




Monthly Industry Guest Expert Q&A


The Pop-up class (think pop-up shop!) brings you a different industry professional each session.  Meet a casting director, an agent, a professional actor, a VO specialist, etc., and ask them your questions in an intimate and safe setting.

This class runs for 1 hour via Zoom. Depending on our guests, we can run a little longer. Because, our guests are working professionals we don't have a set time for their visit.  We do make sure to let you know with plenty of time in advance so you can mark you calendars.



Community                      Co-working Session


Meet within your community of actors and get work done. This is an opportunity for concentrated work in a live setting where you can check in with your coaches as you work.

This class runs for 1 1/2 hours via Zoom.




Between coaching sessions, questions will come up. Which is why we have a thread within the Community where you can post questions and get answers from us. You also have the opportunity to connect with other Community members, join in the challenges and schedule any pop-up classes happening within the month.

You’re just a few steps away from getting the coaching you need.
Join us in the community today.


This is a monthly community. You can cancel anytime. If it's not right for you, it's not right for us.

Camille and Jen get real about their own experiences in Hollywood when they were just starting out.


You've already studied acting. Now it's time to master the business stuff...


How to find auditions

How to get an agent

How to BOOK a job

How to connect with the right people

How to stand out

How to build a strong portfolio

How to feel confident

What a professional resume looks like

How to have a perfect Headshot

How to create a strong reel

What is effective branding

How to create your own work

What does strategic social media look like

How can you nail your auditions

From Us:

We teach you to combine the artistry with the business of Hollywood.



We show you what to do with all that training.

We are literally here for you every step of the way. 

Try us for a month or for a lifetime.

How much are you currently paying for acting classes?



Spend less and get so much more.



What Members are Saying...


I moved to L.A. from a tiny island off the coast of Scotland to study acting. I love it here
but it’s a completely different world! I joined the The Speak L.A. Membership because I wanted to work specifically with Camille and Jen. I also wanted the opportunity to meet and speak to other actors in their Zoom classes. Not only do I get specific feedback about headshots and my reel but I also get to learn from the people around me, it’s a built in community of amazing people and a resource that’s one of a kind. I’m so happy I joined.

-Eilidh Fisher


The greatest challenge of Hollywood is that there are no blueprints...until now! Having Jen and Camille on my side has been invaluable. They're always there for you, helping to demystify this industry.

-Peyton McDevitt


My favorite part of the month are my Zoom classes! It’s the best money I HAVE EVER spent. I always leave feeling inspired, happy, and ready to tackle my career.

I feel like I truly get insider knowledge to this business (the coaches know everyone and everything)! They give me tools that I can actually apply to my acting career each day. And, every class is a different topic. Also, it’s amazing to be able to email Jen and Camille a question about something that has come up for me and get an answer right away. The Speak L.A. Membership is awesome!

-Travis Mclean

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