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Hi, We're Jen and Camille,

Co-Founders of SPEAK L.A.


This is our Story


When we arrived in L.A., we had big actors dreams. We had trained and we had studied. We thought we were ready.

Over time, however, we discovered that there's an inside track that we weren't a part of. Navigating the business side of Hollywood takes years to learn and for many is overwhelming. 

We created Speak L.A. to help up-and-coming actors all over the world find their confidence, giving them specific tools to achieve their goals.

On Speak L.A. the Podcast, we have interviewed hundreds of top actors, casting directors, and agents. Through these intimate conversations, we have discovered the secrets to what separates the working actor from the aspiring actor.

Additionally, we have worked in Los Angeles Casting Offices and Talent Agencies, and have written and produced our own projects. We've taught acting, and the business of acting seminars all around the world and at the prestigious USC School of Drama. But most importantly, we're actors. We have performed in national commercials, equity theatre, A-list and independent films, and in network television.

We have studied the entertainment business from all angles and perspectives.  You will not find more qualified and compassionate coaches out there.

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