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Fulfill your actor dreams and reach big goals with Camille & Jen. Listen to 30 minutes of how-to tips with Film & TV Industry Guests.  These episodes with Tony winning, Emmy winning, and Academy Award winning guests will give you insight into what they did in order to get to where they are. Take your acting career to the next level. Subscribe to get your dose of motivation and actor secrets.

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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to Camille and Jen because they instill so much information with each episode. I always finish an episode with taking in some new important information that has helped me along in my journey within this insane business we call show business. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next episode, and the next, and the next..." -MBelmana

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"I love listening to Jen and Camille ask fun, detailed, and unique questions to suce a wide range of guests. They really know their stuff, they keep the conversations emgaging and dynamic, and I always learn something new about the industry. Highly recommend if you are an actor, whether you're just starting out or have worked for years!" -Evalosangeles