Speak L.A.

Speak L.A.

Hosted by: Camille & Jen

Speak L.A. the podcast is “a groundbreaking new series” in which insider Hollywood hosts, Jen and Camille, Interview the top players in the Film and T.V. industry.

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Special Edition - Witness An American Actor - A Mixed Race Actress shares a story...

Episode #101

A Mixed Race Actress shares a story about how it feels to be told she can “only pick one.”
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Paul Sun-Hyung Lee - Actor - Kim's Convenience, Train 48

Episode #100

(Kim's Convenience, Train 48) In this episode, we discussed: How a small piece of theatre became a hit television show.  What to do when everyone around you says “No…” Why you should never deny who you are and...
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Special Edition - Witness An American Actor - A Latin American Actor shares his story...

Episode #99

A Latin American Actor shares how it feels to always have to wait for a role to come his way because of the color of his skin
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Rodney To - Actor, Teacher, Director - Parks and Recreation/Barry

Episode #98

(Parks and Recreation, Good Girls, Barry, Rosewood) In this podcast, we discuss: What if theatre isn’t in your family’s background but you’re sure it’s your calling?  How can you make the transition from theatre...
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SPECIAL EDITION - Witness An American Actor - A Mixed-race Actress from the UK shares....

Episode #97

A mixed-race actress from the UK shares the challenges of auditioning for roles that don't match the person she is. 
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Gillian Vigman - Actress - The Hangover Movies/Second City Member

Episode #96

(The Hangover, Step Brothers, Walk of Shame) Here’s what you’ll get from this podcast: (A lot of laughs and…) 1) When is “too old” to start an acting career? 2) Do you need connections to get ahead as an actor? 3)...
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CastingAbout - Entrepreneurial Experts

Episode #95

In this episode, you will learn: 1. As a brand new actor planning to move to LA, what are the first 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you should do? 2. What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset and do YOU have one?...
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SPECIAL EDITION - Witness An American Acting Coach - An American Latinx acting coach shares...

Episode #94

An American Latinx Acting Coach shares a story about the challenges felt by many actors of color in the casting room and classroom. 
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Ione Butler - CEO Uplifting Content

Episode #93

In this podcast we covered:  1. How can you help yourself with actor depression?  2. What is radical self care and why should you be doing it? 3. How can you best deal with rejection as an actor? 4. What do you do...
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Winter Miller - Playwright - In Darfur, Spare Rib, No One is Forgotten

Episode #92

(In Darfur, Spare Rib, No One is Forgotten, Penetration Play) In this episode, you will learn: 1. What can you do if you feel like you don’t “fit” into the typical character “types” in film and tv?  2. Why do actors...
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CastingAbout - Actors’ Premiere Marketing Service

Episode #91

In this podcast, you will learn:  1) What is CastingAbout and why should YOU be utilizing it to further your acting career?  2) How can you build strong relationships with casting directors?  3) What important...
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Tobin Bell - Actor - Saw

Episode #90

(Saw, Jigsaw, Mississippi Burning, The Firm)   In this episode, you will learn:  1) How many day jobs did Tobin have before he was able to make a living as an actor (the answer will shock you!)? 2) Should YOU...
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