Where Should I Live in L.A.?

Where should you live in L.A.?

Moving to L.A. can be daunting, right? It’s an oh-so-big city with lots of different neighborhoods.

Each neighborhood has a completely different feel and vibe.

How do you know which area is right for the fabulous YOU?

We’re here to help!

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The areas of L.A. that we think best serve YOU, the actor.
  • How expensive each neighborhood is (because they vary a lot)!
  • How far each neighborhood is from the action (film and TV production).
  • Some resources/sites that help you find that killer apartment made for you.
  • Questions you might want to ask the landlord before signing that year-long lease.

And way more goodies.

Welcome to L.A.! You can do this!

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What should I know about the city of L.A.?

  1. 1. The West Side
  2. 2. The East Side
  3. 3. Downtown
  4. 4. The Valley

How did we differentiate the unique areas in our Video Course?

  1. 1. By what’s closest to the “Hub.” (The “Hub” refers to where most of the studios/film and television activity is located.)
  2. 2. By price.

Can you tell me about Santa Monica?

What’s Venice like?

What about Culver City?

Tell me about West Hollywood?

Can you tell me about Hollywood?

What about Los Feliz/ Silverlake?

Let’s hear about Korea Town?

Can you tell me about Downtown?

What about The Valley?

Can you tell me about Thousand Oaks and Valencia?

*Note: Even if you have never lived in L.A., you have likely heard about our traffic issues. With all of the distances we cite - you need to take into account that they are often longer with traffic.

*Note: The areas listed above as “walkable” means you can walk within that area. Unfortunately, it is impossible to walk from one area to another area since all of the above are a significant distance from one another.

What are some good L.A. Apartment Rental Sites?

Where should I stay if I want to visit L.A. before moving there?

*Note: If you decide to visit L.A. first, we suggest that you walk around in the different neighborhoods, go to coffee shops, boutiques, etc. in order to get a feel for which area is best for you.

Is there a way I can research a specific Apartment Building for Quality?

What are questions I should ask myself/the Landlord before signing a lease?

What should I have prepared for my Apartment/Home Rental?

*Note: Apartments move fast here. If you find one you like, try to be prepared with all of the above so you don’t miss out on it!

Welcome to L.A.!