How Do I Get A Good Headshot?

Listen to this and never take a bad headshot again.

You, my friend, are gorgeous and unique and your headshot should be too!

Taking headshots isn’t always super fun. And finding the perfect headshot photographer for you can also be a challenge. Is it important to have a completely fabulous and stunning headshot?! You bet ‘cha.

In this video you will learn:

  • What makes a great headshot GREAT?
  • Who are the best headshot photographers in L.A.?
  • Do you need more than ONE headshot?
  • Can you take a headshot if you’re not yet IN L.A.? (Yes! Be prepared!)
  • What the H#*L does it really mean for a headshot to “POP???”
  • How do you make YOUR headshot stand out from the thousands of others casting directors are receiving?

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What is a Headshot?

What is the Industry Standard in terms of Format?

Why do I need a Headshot?

What should my Headshot look like?

How do I take a Headshot before coming to L.A.?

  1. 1. Theo&Juliet
  2. 2. Daniel Reichert
  3. 3. Dana Patrick
  4. 4. Geoffrey Wade http://geoffreywadephotography...
  5. 5. Joanna Degeneres
  6. 6. The Headshot Truck
  7. 7. Rowan Imagery


Remember - L.A. is a very insular industry so you want your headshot to match the L.A. style. Keep this in mind if you use a photographer from a different city.

How do I find a good Headshot Photographer in L.A.?

What should I be looking at when choosing a Photographer on line?

What makes a Headshot Photographer great?

After I find a Photographer, how do I prep for my shoot?

How do I take a Headshot that captures my type/brand?

Examples of types include:

The more specific your brand, the easier it is for a casting director/producer to cast you!

How do I figure out what MY type is?

How much should I expect to pay for a Headshot?

How many different “looks” do I need?

How often should I update my Headshot(s)?

What does it mean for a Headshot to “pop”?

Dos and Don'ts of Headshots

Always remember… You're the Boss!