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This is a community for actors who are serious their careers. The Actors Support Network is a powerful and affordable membership program for those artists who want on-going professional coaching, acting classes, and direct access to us.


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What is The Actors Support Network?


The Actors Support Network is a dynamic monthly membership program for serious actors of all ages and levels.
Through a series of instructional videos, one-on-one live access with Speak L.A.’s founders, and twice-monthly classes, The Actors Support Network Membership will lift you up. 


Take part in twice-monthly audition technique classes and business classes.
 Let us support and teach you as you navigate the artistry combined with the business of Hollywood.  
Try us for a month or for a lifetime. No pressure. If it’s not right for you, it’s not right for us. 


Join us in this monthly membership today.



Here's What You Get When You Join The Actors Support Network:


  • Individualized attention for an affordable price.  

  • One-on-One Access so that you can reach out at anytime and hear back from us within 24 hours.

  • Audition Coaching that gives you step by step preparation tips to feeling confident in the audition room.

  • Business Savvy Classes that discuss the practical business side of the acting industry.

  • Video Tutorials with step-by-step instructions to gain deeper insight into how the industry works. 

Meet Your Coaches

Together, Jen and Camille have interviewed over 100 top actors, casting directors, and agents. Through these intimate conversations, Jen and Camille have truly learned the secrets to what separates the working actor from the aspiring actor. Additionally, Jen and Camille have worked in Los Angeles Casting Offices and Talent Agencies and have written and produced their own projects. They have taught acting, and the business of acting seminars all around the world and at the prestigious USC School of Drama. But most importantly, Jen and Camille are actors. They have performed in national commercials, equity theatre, A-list and independent films, and in Network Television.  They have studied the entertainment business from all angles and perspectives.  You will not find more qualified and compassionate coaches out there.

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What members are saying...


"I moved to L.A. from a tiny island off the coast of Scotland to study acting. I love it here
but it’s a completely different world! I joined the The Actors Support Network because I wanted to work specifically with Camille and Jen. I also wanted the opportunity to meet and speak to other actors in their Zoom classes. Not only do I get specific feedback about headshots and my reel but I also get to learn from the people around me, it’s a built in community of amazing people and a resource that’s one of a kind. I’m so happy I joined."


"My favorite part of the month are my Zoom classes in the The Actors Support Network! It’s the best money I HAVE EVER spent. I always leave feeling inspired, happy, and ready to tackle my career.

I feel like I truly get insider knowledge to this business (the coaches know everyone and everything)! They give me tools that I can actually apply to my acting career each day. And, every class is a different topic. Also, it’s amazing to be able to email Jen and Camille a question about something that has come up for me and get an answer right away. The Support Network is awesome!"


"I just moved from Florida to L.A. and I am SO glad a friend told me about Speak L.A. Jen and Camille answered all my questions in a way that made L.A. feel less intimidating and made me feel like I now have a place to go to for answers. Before, I moved I watched all of their video courses. They're so different from other courses I have found. They really know how to lay out step-by-step action plans. This is a big city and there’s a lot to figure out when you first get here. I’m so glad I have Speak L.A.!"


Here’s What You Get When You Join The Actors Support Network


1. One-on-One Support


Joining The Actors Support Network gives you immediate and total access to Jen and Camille anytime you want. Email any question, anytime, and get individualized, personal feedback within 48 hours.

  We have been doing this for many years and our members are our #1 priority. 

2. Audition Class


Joining The Actors Support Network comes with two acting classes a month!

On every first Wednesday of the month at 12 pm PST, join a stimulating class focused on audition technique.

This is a deep dive into how to book the job.

Audition technique is emphasized and students are encouraged to work on their upcoming auditions. 

(Audition materials are to be submitted one day before class and will be addressed on a first come-first served basis).

This class runs 1-2 hours via Zoom.

All classes are recorded and posted in the membership for anyone unable to attend. 



3. Business Savvy Class


On every last Friday of the month at 6 pm pst, join an enlightening class focused on the business of acting.

Here, we learn how to masterfully navigate the entertainment industry, build important connections, set goals, and find the right agent.

This class runs 1-2 hours.

All classes are recorded and posted in the membership for anyone unable to attend.



4. Video Tutorials


Joining The Actors Support Network gives you immediate access to Speak L.A.’s private video library where you can watch and re-watch our step-by-step video tutorials anytime you want.

Videos include:

- How Do I Get A Great Headshot?  
-How Do I Get A Good Reel?  
-How Do I Get An Agent?
- How Do I Get to Know Casting Directors?
- How Do I Get Myself Auditions?
- How Do I Memorize Lines?
- Why is Pilot Season Important?
- Do I Need A Day Job?
-Do I Need to be in an Acting Class?
-Do I Need a Car in L.A.?
- Where Do I Live in L.A.?
- How Do I Financially Plan for my Move to L.A.?
- What Do I Need to Do as an International Actor?
- Do I know my Acting Terms?

What Members Are Saying...

Marita De Pena

"This membership was definitely the most helpful thing I found when I was starting my career. I learned tricks and tools from Jen and Camille that led to more jobs in television. Jen and Camille continue to bring me up to speed in an ever-changing marketplace."

Ben Hardy

"My favorite part of this company is the one on one connection I get to have with Jen and Camille. I feel like I have a partner in my career which is something I had always longed for before I found these guys. I am forever grateful to have found The Actors Support Network. The guidance I have received is invaluable."

Peyton McDavitt

"The greatest challenge of Hollywood is that there are no blueprints...until now! Having Jen and Camille on my side has been invaluable. They're always there for you, helping to demystify this industry."


 Is The Actors Support Network Right For You? 


  - Are you eager to take your acting career to the next level? 

- Do you like the idea of having an experienced advisor on call? 

- Are you interested in moving the needle on your acting technique? 

- Does being part of a community of like-minded actors appeal to you? 

- Do you want to better your understanding of the business of acting?

- Are you ready to be pushed and encouraged so that you can achieve success? 

- Is this year going to be YOUR year? 


We thought so. Come join us!



Monthly Plan


Membership Includes

  • One-on-One Access
  • Monthly Acting Classes 
  • Business Coaching
  • Video Tutorials

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  • One-on-One Access
  • Monthly Acting Classes 
  • Business Coaching
  • Video Tutorials


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Our goal was to create a community where actors can focus on their goals and achieve their dreams. The Actors Support Network is a powerful and affordable option for those who want professional coaching, inspiring classes, and direct access to us.

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