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  • Where in L.A. should I live?
  • How do I get an agent?
  • How do I get my SAG card?
  • How do I find out about auditions?
  • Do I need a car?
  • How do I connect with Casting Directors?
  • How expensive is L.A. really and can I afford it?
  • Do I really have a shot at this?
  • And most importantly… IS THERE SOMEONE I CAN TALK TO?


  • Instant Direct Access to Speak L.A.’s Founders (Jen and Camille!)
  • Lifetime Access to Every Speak L.A. Video Course
  • Substantial Actor Discounts to All Kinds of Classes
  • our Own Hard Copy of the Speak L.A. Agent Guide Mailed to You
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Why should you sign up for The Speak L.A. Membership?

Peyton McDavitt

"The greatest challenge of Hollywood is that there are no blueprints...until now! Having Speak LA on my side has been invaluable. Speak L.A. is always there for you, helping to demystify this industry!"

Marita De Lara

"Speak L.A. was definitely the most helpful thing I found when I was starting my career. I learned tricks and tools from Jen and Camille that led to my first jobs in television. Jen and Camille continue to bring me up to speed in an ever-changing marketplace."

Ben Hardy

"My favorite part of this company is the one on one connection I get to have with Jen and Camille. I feel like I have a partner in my career which is something I had always longed for before I found these guys. I am forever grateful to have found Speak LA. The guidance I have received is invaluable."

Wanda Moats

"As an actor living in the Pacific Northwest, I was always tempted by the lures of New York City and Los Angeles. Having worked with one of Speak LA’s directors, Camille, in the past, I contacted her to help me with the decision. Speak L.A. has guided me through the process of preparing for my move and has helped me establish the business tools I need to be a working actor in L.A. It's been amazing to have this service!"

Tiffany Coty

"I am SO glad I found this!! Thank you, Speak L.A.!"

Tyler Neale

"The Speak L.A. Membership was incredibly helpful to me when I first moved to L.A. They made me feel like I could go to them with any question, any issue; and they always led me in the right direction. I will be forever grateful Document "


1. Private access to Speak L.A.’s founders (Jen and Camille) to ask any questions you want.

Here are some recent examples of email exchanges with members.
Name Redacted

I am about to move to L.A. (next month). I need a place where I can access everything I need without a car (I can't afford one yet). And advice on where to live?

Camille & Jen

It used to be that you HAD to have a car when living in L.A. but now there are lots of walking neighborhoods and the public transportation is improving every day. Before I give you some ideas of where to live, can you tell me your budget and if you are open to having roommates? Also, do you typically like a more city feel or quiet neighborhood feel? As I am sure you know, LA is huge and there are so many options!! Don't worry! We will find you a great neighborhood!
Jen and Camille

Name Redacted

Hey Jen and Camille!
I just took new headshots and I can't decide which one(s) I should use. Can I send them to you? I need another eye on them?

Camille & Jen

Hey Redacted!
Yes, of course, that's what we are here for!
jen and Camille

Name Redacted

Hey Jen and Camille!
Do you know who casts the Star Wars movies? I know it sounds crazy, but I'm totally obsessed with Star Wars and want to see if I can get an audition for the next movie. Is this insane?

Camille & Jen

Hey Redacted!
No! Not insane at all! We DO know who casts them but let's devise a game plan first of how you're going to make them aware of you! How does this sound.....

Name Redacted

Dear Jen and Camille,
Do you know a good dialect coach in the Santa Monica area?

Camille & Jen

Hey Redacted!
Yes, we do! Try ----. She is amazing. She was the coach on ----- and she is now working privately with actors. She's expensive so let me know if you need someone cheaper!

2. Lifetime Access to Our Most Popular Video Courses

Courses include:
Where In L.A. Should You Live? Video Course Do You Need a Car? Video Course Do You Need a Day Job? Video Course Do You Need to Be in An Acting Class? Video Course What are the Tricks to an Effective Headshot? Video Course How Can You Get a Great Reel for Cheap? Video Course How Can You Become a Master at Memorizing Lines? Video Course Learn to Speak Hollywood Today! Video Course Meet the People You Need to Know! Casting Directors Video Course Should You Come to L.A. for Pilot Season? Video Course How Can You Start Auditioning NOW (even without an agent)? Video Course How Can You Finally Get an Agent? Video Course How Do You Financially Plan for Your Move to L.A.? International Actors How Do You Work In L.A. as An International Actor? International Actors

3. Immediate Discounts to our Partner Companies!

Discounts on... Acting Classes, Screenwriting Classes, Reels, Headshots, Website Designers And SO much more!

4. A Hard Copy of the famous Speak L.A. Agent Guide mailed to your doorstep.

The Speak L.A. Agent Guide has the phone number and email address of talent agents and managers all over L.A. so you can find the perfect fit for you and your career.


Eva Bilick

"If you're even considering a move to L.A., I cannot recommend Speak L.A. enough. I first joined when I was living and acting in Boston, and my life got infinitely easier. All my questions about where to live, how to think about agents and managers, and how to begin navigating Los Angeles were answered through their beautifully done video courses, and I've been able to ease into the transition of moving across the country with knowledge and a confidence I never thought I'd have. Since becoming a Speak L.A. member, I've created a website, put my reel together, and even got a meeting with a manager. I couldn't have done all that without their help. The teachers who are totally communicative and available, seem to know everything there is to know about a career in Los Angeles. Between their insight and the insider knowledge of all the impressive people they interview on their podcast, I feel so taken care of, and like all the resources I could ever need are in one place."

Valeka Holt

"Speak L.A. is an absolute gem!!!! I moved to L.A. with my MFA in acting, and no clue how to navigate the industry. This valuable service taught me the importance of creating a network that fuels my personal life and career and how to best go about doing that! I also received help finding the right headshot photographer and picking the best picture to truly represent me! Truly, this is the best deal in town. But don't trust my word... see for yourself!!"

Travis McLean

"The greatest thing about the Speak L.A. membership is that all the basics of life and a career as an actor in L.A. are here in one place. You get answers to the simple (and complex) questions that just aren't found anywhere else. The teachers who are always available to us are always knowledgeable about any inquiries I've had and they are so happy to be involved with getting you where you want to be. Thank you Speak L.A.!"

Nominjin Cater

"There is no other service that offers so much help and valuable information in terms of navigating an actor's life in Los Angeles. Thank you, Speak L.A.!!!"

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