Josh Stolberg - Film Director/Writer - Conception, Jigsaw

Speak L.A. interview with Josh Stolberg

Known for Jigsaw

Join us and meet the brilliant and genuine Josh Stolberg (Good Luck Chuck, Saw 8, Conception, Kids in America). Josh shares what makes a headshot stand out, what constitutes a strong audition, and why, as a director, he has nothing but admiration and respect for actors. This here is 30 minutes packed full of valuable insight. Thank you, Josh!
(Jigsaw, Conception, Good Luck Chuck) In this podcast YOU will learn:
  • What’s it like to move to L.A.?
  • What sneaky trick did this film director utilize when first coming to L.A. to get a sense of his competition?
  • What makes a great headshot that stands out to film directors?
  • How important is size in Hollywood?
  • How important are connections?
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Josh Stolberg - Film Director/Writer - Conception, Jigsaw


Phil Golub says:

As someone who would love to get into the film field, I must say, having someone like Josh Stolberg who is willing to take the time to talk to people like myself, is a big motivator, because it shows that not everyone who is already where you want to be, is going to make you feel like you shouldn't even bother. I'd rather have Josh as a connection, than some super-known star who isn't going to give you the time of day when it counts.

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