Speak L.A. interview with George Wendt

Known for Cheers

Join us and meet our guest – the AH-MAZING George Wendt as he shares how he got his start, what keeps him going in this cray-cray town, and all the reasons he loves L.A. George is an actor who has performed in every medium you can think of. He is an alumni of Second City Chicago, and you, of course, know him as Norm Peterson on Cheers, and Bob Swerski on SNL. As George says to all us actors, “You’ll get your shot. Just make sure when you do, you’re ready.” This one is SO inspiring. You’re gonna love it!
  • What exactly is a “development deal?”
  • How did George get his part on Cheers?
  • How can small roles lead to an entire career?
  • What is Jack Nicholson’s best advice to young actors?
  • What’s George’s #1 tip to actors?
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Camille Thornton-Alson says:

It is such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a show! It will really help you with contacts, with your craft and with your confidence.

Venessa Verdugo says:

Great interview! Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to do this. Such great advice coming from such a humble, kind professional such as Mr. Wendt.

Lynelle Paulick says:

Same as both of the previous comments, exactly! THANK YOU So Very Much for putting out all this energy. All best to you both!

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