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About Me As A Teacher...


Hi! I LOVE the process of acting, breaking down a script and developing a character. I teach from my extensive actor training and pull training modalities from around world. I have been on the faculty of the USC School of Drama, Santa Barbara City College and the University of Washington. In addition to teaching acting, I have taught business of acting seminars throughout schools in the US and abroad. Teaching actors is my greatest joy. Come and work with me!

What my students are saying...

"I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of acting and how to communicate best with actors. Camille helped me dive into the craft by teaching me proper technique and a deeper understanding of character work. By getting me to change sides and letting me experience acting first-hand I gained a deeper understanding of how to better communicate with actors. Not only is it easier to get direction “on the same page”, my approach on working with actors has become a far more creative process."

"Camille is a very bright and powerful teacher, quick to adapt to your learning needs and she knows how to challenge you in order to bring you to your goal faster. I absolutely loved working Camille."

Martina Ziesack. TV Director & Producer, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (Swiss National Television)

"At the University of Washington Camille inspired us to go beyond the text and really search the characters we were studying by also searching ourselves. She has been the only acting teacher I have ever had who was able to connect so personally and creatively with each and every student. I don't think I would be exaggerating that kids would come to class just to be able to interact with Camille because she allowed space for experimenting in a free and non-overbearing way."

"This woman is not only an extremely talented actress herself, but an incredible tutor who is able to merge the gap between instructing and acting seamlessly. Her vivacious spirit could make an impact no matter the class. Camille makes this world a better place for future world changers. "

-Kimber Loudon, University of Washington, Actor's Lab in Los Angeles

"Camille Thornton-Alson is the best-kept secret in Hollywood. Her training is a unique and necessary experience for anyone looking to elevate their skill level as an actor. Her Script Analysis class has been paramount in helping me learn how to attack a script and derive character from it, whether I’ve been given a whole play, screenplay, or only a couple pages of audition sides to work with. She helped take me through all the stages of preparation, and while she provides a safe and nurturing space within which to work, she pushed me to stretch the limits of what I thought I was capable of. She helped me to see that there is no ‘right’ answer, but rather directed me to find the truth in the words and in my characters. I am by far a better, more confident performer after having trained with Camille than I could have hoped to be before. Anyone who is looking to gain a solid foundation in script analysis, wants to learn how to go deeper into developing character, and generally has the desire to unleash their creative potential should absolutely start training with Camille."

-Taryn Pearce

I Believe That...

When you have the tools to prepare as an actor you are not jumping off a ledge without a net, rather you have set the specific parameters for your imagination, impulses, and choices to soar.  It's like coloring in the lines of a coloring book-the lines give you the shape but you get to pick the color. 


Actors Lab...


The Actor’s Lab is a training space dedicated to freeing up the actor.

By understanding how to critically analyze text and bring yourself to the circumstances of the text, you will free up your natural creative impulse. You will be able to connect to the character fully - emotionally, physically, intellectually.


If you’re wondering… what is an impulse? I get it. I had the same question during my training. When  I received direction that included this esoteric idea of “impulse” I could feel my brain and body shutting down into paralysis and I couldn't create.  


I realized that having a specific process and understanding how to prepare a character made me feel safe to create.  Impulse comes out of that sense of safety. I ask my students, what is the work that you need to do in order to feel safe to create?  This is a highly personal process of understanding that how you work as a human is how you will approach your character work.


I teach script analysis and process work. I want each of my students to understand how to work so they can access any material they are working on confidently whether it be theatre, TV, film or V.O. work.


In class we work with factual evidence presented by the playwright in the script. And, through this factual evidence, we pull information to develop the physical and emotional life of a character. By understanding how to read a script and create a character filled with life, my students are able to confidently create and tell the story the writer intended


Each actor's process, how they get "in" to the script is wonderfully unique. And, when my student's understand how they work best, they can directly access their impulse and create. 


They then find that everything connects - the heart, the body and, the mind of the character. Add to that their unique qualities and who they are as a person… and BAM, an awe-inspiring transformation occurs.


If you’re wondering….


I got the script. I’m excited. But, where do I start?

I have all these ideas but I don’t know how to bring them to life?

What is a fr$%#ing impulse?

How do I build confidence in myself as an actor?

Why am I paralyzed the minute I start to rehearse?

How do I transform myself into a character?

How do I move in space?


Then, this Actor's Lab is the perfect fit for you.

What my students are saying...

As a teacher, Camille is one of the most kind and specific instructor I've ever had. She's very good at helping actors develop their specific problems, but approached it with respect and no judgment. She commands respect and helped me grow as an actor and a person. If you put in the effort in the scene/work, she will meet you in the middle and help you grow.

- Harvey, USC School of Drama

What Are My Class Options?


  • Classes are taught in a monthly format either online or in person. 

Online classes

  • focus on script analysis work and the process of how to break-down and develop a character based on the evidence within the text. Doing this work enables the actor to fully embody a character and develop a role no matter what material the actor is presented with. 

In person classes

  • focus on movement and connecting the physicality of the actor's impulse to the text. The practice enables the actor to find freedom in their acting and a deeper sense of connection with how their body moves and how physicality and impulse changes your body naturally.

Online Class Schedule

Find out about the online class schedule and the format of the class online Acting class.


In Person Class Schedule

Find out about the in person class schedule and the format of the in person acting class. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What my students are saying...

Where to start? I wish I could forever be a student of Camille's. Her classroom was always a safe space to learn and grow where experimentation, questions and trial and error were just as important as nailing a performance. Camille taught me that what I bring to the table is special, even on days when I had myself convinced otherwise. Her class provided me with knowledge and a newfound confidence in my acting that I will bring with me to auditions and classrooms in the future. 

- Lola Gilmore

What my student's are saying...

To have you as a professor is amazing. You truly care for us (your students). Care for our talents, but most importantly our overall well-being. You push us to be better, but not too much to where we feel we hate what we're doing and want to quit. And you also don't hold out hands through the whole process as if we're babies. You have amazing balance in your teachings.

- Nuk Moore, USC School of Drama

What my student's are saying...

I owe so much to Camille. She's forever changed the way I approach acting and performance in general. She's genuine and kind, but at the same time not afraid to tell you that you suck and need to go back to the beginning. There's no half-asking or bullshitting in her class. She can tell when you don't know your shit. Hands down the best acting teacher I've ever had. 

- Neema Muteti, BFA School of Drama

Is this acting class right for you?


An acting class needs to be the right fit for you. 

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