Dear Esteemed University Theater Faculty,


Are your acting students ready for the real world? 

You’ve taught them everything: how to create rich and interesting characters, how to analyze a script, and how to be experts at their craft. You’ve done it all… but there’s one final step!

We empower your students with knowledge on the corporate world of agents, casting directors, branding, effective social media, unions, and marketing.  Most new actors spend years figuring this part out. 

We answer the hard questions your students have: 

How do I get into the Unions?

How do I get an agent? 

What market should I live in?

How can I make important connections?

What is effective branding? 

We would be honored to help your students with this crucial step, bringing The Master Class to your classroom.

Sincerely, Jen and Camille (Founders of Speak L.A.)

What professors are saying about the college workshop program...


"Speak L.A. generously shared their wisdom and insights with The Academy’s newest class of Full-Time Conservatory students.  They provided a captivating presentation that helped our first year actors gain perspective on the unique opportunities and challenges of pursuing a career in Los Angeles. Camille and Jen gave clear, concise, and encouraging advice and we look forward to having them again for future visits."

Stephen Herring, Former Director of Career Development, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles, California


Camille and Jen are so warm and authentic and the students felt like they were getting honest and practical information about what to expect in the real world of casting.  The two teachers positive and energetic approach gave the students effective strategies for making the leap into the profession and instilled our students with greater confidence in themselves.  I highly recommend any of their workshops.

- Katie Laris, Co-Chair, Director, Santa Barbara City College, Theatre Arts Department


"This experience was invaluable for our senior acting students, who sometimes feel nervous about their next steps after graduation. Jen and Camille shared an immense amount of valuable knowledge that made our graduating drama majors feel secure and confident to embark on a professional acting career."



Trish Brown, Theatre Chair at Principia College



What is The Master Class? 

The Master Class is an interactive seminar taught by Jen and Camille (Speak L.A.’s founders). It covers a wide variety of subjects (see below) and culminates with a Q&A in which every student has the opportunity to participate. The result of this course is that the students, through hands-on training, will feel confident and capable of seamlessly moving into the professional realm of theatre, tv, and film.

Frequently Asked Questions...

About Us

Camille Thornton-Alson

Camille is currently on staff at the prestigious USC School of Drama. Prior, she received her masters in drama from the University of Washington. Camille is a fiercely dedicated teacher and has inspired hundreds of young actors to confidently tackle this competitive field.  With her partner Jen, Camille hosts a weekly hit podcast (Speak L.A. the podcast) when she has interviewed such guests as actor George Wendt, director Rob Zombie, actress Connie Britton, writer John Patrick Shanley, and countless casting directors, agents, and other industry pros.

Jennifer Jostyn

Jennifer worked as a professional actor for two decades before founding Speak L.A.. You can find Jennifer in many films including The Brothers McMullen, Deep Impact and Conception. Jennifer also played a recurring role on the hit show ER and other popular shows like Nashville, American Horror Story, Parenthood, and Gilmore Girls to name a few. Additionally, she was a successful commercial actress, performing in dozens of national ad campaigns. During Jen’s acting career, she worked for a professional talent manager, which gives Jen unique insight to the needs of all actors. With the rise of Speak L.A., Jennifer’s passion switched from acting to empowering young actors with some serious know-how. With her partner, Camille, Jen has taught seminars all over the world.

What students are saying about the college workshop program...

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