YOU – A Stand Up Comic!

YOU – A Stand Up Comic!

Should you think about doing stand up?

My first job in L.A. was as a waitress at The Improv Comedy Club. (Click HERE to get TIPS from COMIC TOM PAPA.)

I was only 17 years old, but I lied and said I was 21 (back then they didn’t check ID’s).

My first few months were tough as I learned to manage drink orders flying my way….

… as I ducked down and whispered to each customer so as not to interrupt what was happening on stage.


  1. A good comic typically “gets up” (performs) at least five nights a week.
  2. New comics all bond with one another as they “come up together.”
  3. Performing at an Open-Mic is scary, but is INVALUABLE training ground for an actor.
  4. Comics waiting to perform sit in the back of the house and laugh at their peers on stage (regardless of whether or not they are funny).
  5. Everyone bombs sometimes. EVERYONE.
  6. Stand Up Comedy is a great way to find your voice.
  7. Agents and Managers come out regularly to see new comics.
  8. If you’re interested in sit-com acting, this is the way to train.
  9. If you struggle with nerves, this is a way to confront that demon. 10) If you’re an actor and you’re funny – YOU SHOULD do Stand Up!

Think about it… this is a free opportunity to train – no expensive acting class, no pricey Improv School…

… Just you and an Open Mic Night somewhere around L.A. So, get your funny ass out there.

What do you have to lose?!

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