Who Started in Commercials?

Who Started in Commercials?

Why you should definitely pursue commercial acting.

Do you ever question whether or not you should be auditioning for commercials? (Click HERE for AUDITION TIPS from COMMERCIAL CASTING DIRECTORS at SPITFIRE CASTING.)

When I worked as a Talent Manager, I heard a lot of ambivalence from actors about this subject.

They would say:

“I’m not sure I’m interested in commercials.”

“I want to focus on film and tv.”

“I don’t want to compromise myself by selling other people’s products.”

Listen, I get it.

But here’s the thing:

Commercials are a powerful and effective stepping stone to a brilliant career. Did you know that the following stars started in commercials?

– Brad Pitt shot a Pringles spot before he hit it big.

– Naomi Watts and Courtney Cox both shot commercials for Tampax. – Before Friends, Matt LeBlanc was in a Heinz ad.

– Elijah Wood sung the praises of America’s Dairy Farmer.

– Cool cat Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad shot a commercial for Preparation H.

– Keanu Reeves tried to sell us Coca Cola.

– Hilarious Megan Mullally did a commercial for McDonald’s.

– Jason Bateman talked about his love for Golden Grahams while Mark Ruffalo sold Clearasil.

– James Franco did a commercial for Pizza Hut while Ben Affleck, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Lawrence all advertised Burger King.

You get my point.

The list goes on and on.

There’s no shame in commercial acting and it’s great training ground.

So, think about how YOU TOO can get in this game!

We want everyone you know to say to you, “Hey! I saw your commercial!”

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