The Power of FRIENDS!

The Power of FRIENDS!

Be careful of who you hang out with.


In a recent podcast we did over here at Speak L.A. with the great Ron Livingston, Ron was full of hot tips for us actor types.

One of my favorite things Ron said was: “For me Swingers was really about the usefulness of finding the people around you who are talented and then just trying to help each other…”

When I first moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, I formed a few different friend groups:

#1 – The “Let’s go out and party” group…

#2 – The “I feel safe around you because you don’t accomplish very much and therefore you don’t make me feel bad about myself” group… (Not proud of it, just trying to be real here).

#3 – The “Holy crappers, are you ever talented and gorgeous and driven and oh my god, you even went to an Ivy League college???” group…

Here was my deal – I often hung out with groups 1 and 2 because nothing about them made me feel small.

Group 3 didn’t intend to make me feel small. I did that to myself.

Group 3 challenged and inspired me IF and WHEN I allowed myself to stop making comparisons and giving into petty jealousies.

Group 3 was real. They were people who knew where they were going and who were ready to work hard to get there.

Group 3 didn’t complain.

Group 3 didn’t waste time.

Group 3 is successful today.

I think Ron Livingston is dead-on right – this business is about making good friends and helping each other along the way.

So here’s my hot tip, Friend: Hang out with Group #3!

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