Stop Those Spinning Wheels

Stop Those Spinning Wheels

How to calm down your actor mind.

Working hard is great.  It’s admirable and it’s effective.

But it’s also important to pace ourselves and to remember what we are truly after.

Maybe some of what we think we want, we ALREADY HAVE.

Maybe we don’t need to reach SO FAR to find happiness.

I love to remind myself of the following story when I start spinning out of control.

Which is like, way too often.

Anyway, enjoy…

There was once a fisherman who lived in a small village.

By mornings, he would fish; and in the afternoons, he would sit on his little balcony beside his wife and watch the sunset.  

The fish he caught was DELICIOUS.  

One day, a businessman came through the small town. 

“Why does this fish taste SO good?”, the businessman asked the locals. 

“Our fisherman has a gift,” they responded.  

The businessman approached the fisherman. 

“Let me go into business with you…” said the businessman. 

“Why?” asked the fisherman with a gentle smile. 

“Together, we could build you a huge restaurant where all the people could come and enjoy your delicious fish!”

“But why?”, asked the fisherman again. 

“Because then, after the restaurant becomes famous in this area, we could open OTHER restaurants in OTHER areas!”

“Okay…?”, said the fisherman.

“And then,” said the businessman, “you would be famous throughout the whole world.”

“Oh…” said the fisherman. 

“And you would become very very rich!”

“And what would that mean?” asked the fisherman politely. 

“Well, it would mean you could spend the rest of your days watching the sunset with your wife!”

“But I already…”

You get it.

Is part of YOUR sunset already within YOUR grasp? 

Do you have family and or friends that you love, and hobbies that make you happy?

Is the opportunity to perform closer than you think (community theatre, a choir group, children’s  theatre, etc.)?

You can keep reaching for the stars – OF COURSE YOU CAN – but remember to also enjoy the ride and to…


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