Sorry I’m Late!

Sorry I’m Late!

How to never ever be late.

Do you struggle with being on time?

You aren’t alone.

We all have our stuff.

I bite my nails.  Gross.

My best friend can’t lay off the chocolate.  Yum.

You?  Always late.

No shame.

No judgment.

But here’s the thing:

That late habit might be getting in the way of your career.

Here’s a little story for you:

RAINN WILSON is a good friend of mine and my husband’s.

My husband is a writer.

Many years ago, when THE OFFICE was first beginning, Rainn recommended my husband to Greg Daniels, the Showrunner.

A meeting was set for Thursday morning at 10 AM at a coffee shop.

My husband left our apartment with plenty of time to spare.

L.A. traffic?

It isn’t pretty.

What should have been a 15 minute drive took OVER AN HOUR.

After panicking, sweating, and very likely shouting profanities in his car, my husband arrived at his meeting 20 MINUTES LATE.

Remember that PAINFULLY FUNNY scene in the 80s movie, Broadcast News in which ALBERT BROOKS is literally DRIPPING WITH SWEAT as he does the news because he’s so nervous?

Yeah.  Eeekk.

So, despite the fact that Greg Daniels was very forgiving, my husband couldn’t get past the fact that he had seriously fucked up.

So what did he do?

He OVER-apologized.

He had a hard time concentrating.


And what happened?

Well, he didn’t get the job BUT HE DID LEARN A VALUABLE LESSON that day.

Be on time.

Here are some tricks to help with that:

#1: Get up earlier in the morning than you think you need to.

#2: Write out your entire day the night before.

#3: Have things in your car that you can work on (a journal, a script you are writing, a letter to a friend, a phone call you’ve been putting off, a book, etc.) so that if you are early (which you should aim to be) you can get things done while you wait.

#4: Lay out everything you need the night before so there’s no last-minute panic of looking for your keys, your wallet, your favorite sweater, etc.

#5: Leave more than enough time to get to everywhere you are going. I know this seems obvious but look at it this way: IF YOU’RE EARLY, YOU AREN’T LATE.

Be early!

#6: Do a little soul-searching as to why you are chronically late. Are you worried you’ll be early and then be wasting your time? Do you think things are going to take less time than they actually do? Do you hate the idea of having to wait for someone else?  Are you less organized than you would like to be?  Are you trying to do too much in your life?

If you can answer this one question, you can probably solve this problem.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t interested in self improvement and that is the most important thing – your desire to fix this issue.


When you start being on time, your life is sure to change for the better…

…in many ways!

You’ve got this.

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