SlateShot – Do You Need One?

SlateShot – Do You Need One?

Do you even need a reel?

Last week we hosted a super fun party with a very successful casting director. (Click HERE for TIPS from GREY’S ANATOMY CASTING DIRECTOR.)

One of our guests asked the CD what he thinks about SLATESHOTS.

For those of you who don’t know, a SlateShot is a device used by Actors Access. (Click HERE for TIPS on SUBMISSION SITES.)

It’s advertised as “a seven second video clip that brings your headshot to life.”

The gist is this:

A photo is submitted to a casting director. 

But instead of the submission being JUST a photo, the casting director can click on the picture, which then morphs into the actor speaking.

Behold – A SlateShot.

Typically, the video portion is the actor introducing him/herself.

“Hi! My name is…” kind of thing.

So, how did our casting director respond when asked how he feels about SlateShots?

He’s not a fan.


He would rather just see the actor ACT.

Many of us have made SlateShots because we don’t have a reel. 

Or.. we think our reel is no good, so this seems like the best bandaid.

Our advice?

Create a REAL REEL. (Click HERE for more REEL TIPS.)

Feels overwhelming?

It can be done.

It just takes some scrap and some focus.

You got this!

For more help putting your reel together, click HERE.

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