Size Don’t Matta

Size Don’t Matta

How important is it to be a certain weight as an actor?

We live in an image obsessed society – True.

Most of the people that cover our magazines are young and beautiful – True.

Everyone on TV is young and gorgeous – FALSE.

Let’s be real.

What is our ultimate job as an actor?

To tell a story, right? To portray a character.

And is every story about a young, “perfect” looking, Victoria’s Secret model? Of course not.

It might sound corny, but be who you are! Don’t chase what you think you should be because most likely you will never catch it anyway. And if you do catch it, you’ll probably miss the part where someone was looking to hire you. The authentic version of you.

Try this: turn on any primetime drama and you will likely see one of the following portrayed:

a drug addict

a tired housewife

a weathered cop

a spunky and approachable real looking best friend

a convict with tattoos and scars

a prostitute

an introverted son

an edgy waitress

a street kid

a teen mom

a small town teacher…

We all spend a lot of time focusing on the stars of the shows because… well, because they are the stars.

And yes, most of those stars (or series regulars as they are called), have a certain look.

But there are many other parts for many other types (and sometimes, even the stars don’t have that certain look).

Let’s stop worrying about what we don’t look like, and instead own what we do.

Join us in this quest.

It will not only help your career, it will help your life. Which will help your career. Which will help your life. Which will help your career. Which will help…

Go get ‘em, Foxy!​

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