Rejection Blues

Rejection Blues

Here's how you can beat all that rejection.


Ask any actor: What’s the hardest part of your chosen profession?…

And you are likely to hear a similar response: “All the No-s.”

No, you can’t audition for this.

No, I won’t rep you.

No, you can’t play that part.

No, we won’t take a meeting with you.

No, we aren’t accepting submissions at this time.

No, they are going in a different direction.

No, they are looking for a “name” for that role.

No, you’re too old. Too young. Too pretty. Too tall…

No. No. NO!!!

It’s the reason so many of us quit. It’s hard, and it takes an incredibly thick skin to keep going.

So, how do you keep going?

One of my favorite acting teachers here in L.A., Lesly Kahn, said a brilliant thing to our class one day.

A gorgeous 20-something girl was in tears because she couldn’t seem to find a way “in” to her acting career here in Hollywood.

Lesly’s advice?

“Put a chart up on your wall and fill it in with one thousand no-s. Every time someone in this business turns you down, mark off one of those no-s. When you start getting close to the thousandth no, you will likely get a yes. But you HAVE to go out and fight to get those no-s.

Sound tough? Yep. Because it is.

Are you made of the stuff that can do it? YES, YOU ARE.

Go fill up that chart, my friend!

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