Preparation is Everything!

Preparation is Everything!

THIS is the key to nailing every audition.

Auditions used to scare the living crap out of me.

I’d get the sides (audition pages) and pray it wasn’t a crying scene.

I’d comb through the script often thinking “Oh, that’s a funny joke.  They’re going to want a huge laugh on that one.  What if I can’t make the whole room laugh when I deliver that line?!”

I’d fall asleep thinking about the audition the next day.  What if I suck?

I’d sit in the waiting room wondering how many people I’d be performing for.  Are ALL the producers in there?

In the audition, I’d hate myself as the paper shook in my hand.  Shit, they can see how scared I am.  Shit!

Walking back to my car, I would finally breathe.  The first real breath since I got news of this audition.

Was I okay in there?, I’d wonder to myself…I might have sucked, but it’s hard to say.  At least it’s over.  At least it’s over.

WAIT!  Hold up!  It’s not supposed to be like this!

We chose this career because it’s fun, right?

We were the kids who made up plays for the whole neighborhood to come and watch.

We were the kids who spent all our time in the high school theatre department because it was such a blast.

What happened?!

Over the years, I’ve learned how to manage the fear.

The trick can be summed up in one word:


If you are super prepared, you are more excited than afraid.   I swear it’s true.

Instead of wondering if you’re good enough, you’ll focus on hitting the beats of the scene that you found when you analyzed the script.

Instead of looking down to find the next line, you’ll soar fluidly through the scene, because YOU KNOW DAMN WELL what comes next.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

You got this.

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