No Agent? No Problem

No Agent? No Problem

Here's why you might not even need an agent.

OK, so you don’t have an agent.

Or, you have an agent but he sucks. You haven’t been on an audition in over a year and your agent won’t answer your phone calls or return your emails.  Nice.

Sound familiar?

We know it does, because we hear it all the time.

First of all… we are sorry.  That blows and it makes you feel crummy.  We know.  And you don’t deserve to be treated that way.

But, I’ve got some really great news!   Ready?

You don’t need an agent.  Yet.

Here’s the reality:  No good agent is going to sign you until you have solid credits – I’m talking legitimate, bona fide, primetime TV guest star/series regular/feature film credits.

When I first arrived in LA, I had a good friend who was an agent at The Gersh Agency.

I asked him for a meeting.

I sat in his office for an hour as we discussed my training, my hopes and dreams, and what I potentially had to offer the world of film and TV.

He was warm. He was encouraging. He told me he saw great things in my future.  He seemed genuinely excited.

But did he sign me?   Nope.

He shared something with me that day that I will never forget.  He said:

“At most agencies, we are looking for clients for whom we can get on the phone and say, ‘You know her from this’, or ‘You saw him on that’…”

He explained that most agents are not in the business of convincing a studio to take a chance on a NEW ACTOR.

Is this frustrating and unfair?  Sure.

Is it also a little liberating?  You bet.

Because after you ACCEPT the reality of the situation, you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and start making it happen for yourself.

And here’s the rest of the good news:  Creating your own material in today’s market is totally acceptable, totally encouraged, and even respected.

So, instead of wasting your time and energy trying to find that magical agent – the one who’s really really good and works with actors who don’t yet have credits (not sure this agent exists, btw) – instead of wasting your time on that – use that same energy to CREATE something.

Think about it like this:

How much better would it feel to have an agent APPROACH YOU?!

If you create something special, unique, and good; this can happen.

So stop worrying about finding an agent, and instead focus on what made you choose this career in the first place.

Focus on your creativity and your passion.

Focus on your love of acting and your talent.

And maybe, if you go out and create stuff just for the fun of it, the agent will follow organically.

It’s worth a try, right?                      </div>



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