Move Move Move!!!

Move Move Move!!!

Here's a reason to take acting class.


My sister’s husband, who is wise beyond wise, coined a phrase that I love.

The phrase is this: You can’t steer an anchored ship.

That’s good, right?

You get it: If a ship is sitting still, how can you move it in any direction?

Are you sitting still? Do you not know which way to go?

One of my closest and oldest friends is a successful TV and film actress. I won’t mention any names (because that would be tacky), but let’s just say, she has lived in Stars Hollow. You with me so far?

We were in NYC at the same time (a million years ago) trying to get into the acting game.

I’ll never forget her strategy: she started signing up for as many classes as she could fit in her already busy schedule.

At one point, she was in an Improv Class, a Scene Study Class, and an Audition Class.

Was she a trust fund baby? No way. She paid for these classes with money she made waiting tables.

Was she in desperate need of acting training? Nope. She had an MFA in Acting from SMU.

So why did she take all these classes?

She did it so she could see where she needed to go.

She did it to stay inspired and sharp.

She did it to meet like minded people.

Did it work? You bet it did.

And it can work for you too.

So, go get yourself in a class (or three), my friend!

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