London Actors!

London Actors!

What is it about those London actors that makes them so special?

I was headed off to London for a work trip.

A friend casually asked…

… “What do you suppose makes British Actors so special?”

I know what she’s talking about, don’t you?

There is something… DEEPER… about certain english actors such as: Daniel Day Lewis, Kate Winslet, Judi Dench, Anthony Hopkins, the cast Game of Thrones, the cast of Downton Abbey, the cast of Broadchurch……


I’ve been pondering this question and asking friends what they think.

Here are some very insightful answers I have been getting…

Maybe it’s because of the depth of History in Europe.

Maybe it’s because of the passionate theatre scene in London.

Maybe it’s because actors in Hollywood tend to be more self-conscious because there is more of a focus on “looking perfect” in Hollywood.

Maybe it’s because Shakespeare had its start in London which is the foundation of much great training.

Maybe it’s because in places other than Hollywood one doesn’t “wing it” when setting off to be an actor.

What do YOU think it is?


We love DIVING DEEP and getting to the heart of questions like these. WHY? Because that’s how we LEARN and how we GROW as actors.

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