Let’s Talk Accents!

Let’s Talk Accents!

Do you really need to lose your accent?

Recently at a SPEAK L.A. event with Casting Director Jamie Castro (Grey’s Anatomy)… 

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…a guest asked this…

How open are you to hiring actors with foreign accents? There is a Italian actress on Grey’s Anatomy so it gives me hope as a French actress!  Will this limit me?”

And then someone else asked…

“What if I am an AMERICAN actor and I’m not so great at OTHER accents?”

Are YOU in trouble?


You’re okay.

Look, any skill gives you a leg up.

If you can sing like Beyonce, that will likely come in handy.

If you have mad talent as a martial artist, you’ll probably use that in your acting career.

And if you’re GREAT at accents, THAT HELPS.

Versatility = More Opportunity.

That said, it’s not mandatory.

If learning accents is getting in your way, then YOU JUST DO YOU.

JAMIE CASTRO’S answer to the actor was…

“There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. from all different parts of the world.  We attempt to cast TV shows by depicting a REAL picture of life.”

It’s perfectly fine to audition as you normally speak. 

So stop fretting over this issue. 

Better to nail the audition because you feel comfortable than to get all up in your head about how you are pronouncing your “R’s.” (Click HERE for AUDITION TIPS).

Bottom line…

Work on your accents like you work on all the other facets of your actor instrument.

Accents are a PART of the package, not the ENTIRE thing. (Click HERE for TIPS on how to be an INTERNATIONAL ACTOR IN L.A.).

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