Let’s Go For A Hike!

Let’s Go For A Hike!

What is available for your soul in L.A.?

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What does hiking mean to you?

If you’re anything like I used to be, the whole idea of hiking is very unappealing.

Fifteen years ago, my impression of a hike was something that required special boots.

I thought it was an activity more vigorous than I might like, and a good way to get lost in the wilderness.

I pictured a Granola-girl with a walking-stick, khakis, and ugly shoes.

Good thing I had a sliver of an open mind 14 years ago when my friend Rene convinced me to go hike Runyon Canyon with her.

Here’s the thing – hiking in L.A. is the bomb!

There are multiple one-hour loops (Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Mountains, etc.) offering up your daily exercise and beautiful views to boot.

Hit any L.A. hike, any time of the day or early evening, and you will see people of all shapes, sizes, and ages; most offering a warm smile and a “hello” as you pass.

In New York, Chicago, and London, it’s challenging to feel like you have really removed yourself from urban life (beautiful as these other cities are).

But here in L.A., no matter where you live, you’ll likely be five to ten minutes from a great hike enabling you to grab your nature fix as often as you need it.

Full disclosure – you might see a rattlesnake every once in a while.

But as my granola friends tell me – that’s just part of the fun, right?

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