Information vs. Wisdom

Information vs. Wisdom

Is acting class fun?

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The brilliant Tony Robbins says we are a generation that is “drowning in information and starving for wisdom.”

A recent Ted Talk asked the question “Is knowledge becoming obsolete?”

With information so readily available online, we are in danger of becoming a generation that skims things, glances at things, and doesn’t take the time to really learn things. As artists, we know we are different.

We need to dig deep and master our craft.

We need to study, study, study and become one with our art form.

Here’s the good news if you’re an actor: It’s fun!

Get in an acting class with a teacher who inspires you, and I promise – you will look forward to that class every week.

Surround yourself with friends who share your goals, and you will be constantly stimulated. Read biographies about great actors who achieved what you are on your way to achieving.

Feed yourself with knowledge and become one who is rich with wisdom (which will surely lead to riches in every aspect of your life!).

You can do it!

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