I Want to Be Famous!

I Want to Be Famous!

Maybe you're thinking about your career all wrong.

In a recent Speak L.A. the Podcast, we were lucky enough to sit down with Ron Livingston (Office Space, Sex and the City, Band of Brothers).

When we asked Ron what advice he would give to new actors, he said this:

“Try to get a really good sense of WHY.  What are you doing this for?”

If our aspirations are all about wanting to be famous, there are easier ways than being an actor to achieve fame.

I’m guessing if you really dig deep, you will realize you don’t care so much about being famous.

What you want… IS TO BE AN ACTOR.

There’s a difference, right?

You want to create characters.  You want to collaborate with brilliant filmmakers.  You want to study the human condition in all its messiness, so that you can then PORTRAY IT.

And let’s be real.  Being famous ain’t always as fun as it looks.

You think you would enjoy paparazzi chasing you down the street?  Would it be fun to have someone bothering you when you are trying to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends?  Maybe someone snaps your picture at the beach and then sells it to a magazine so they can show the world “how fat you’ve gotten?”

Okay, maybe you’d gladly pay that price, but still… you get my point.

At the end of the day, I think we have to get real with ourselves and ask the big question:

Do I want to BE FAMOUS, or do I want to BE AN ACTOR?

My money says you wouldn’t be reading this blog if the answer isn’t – YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR.

So own that answer.

F#*k fame, you’re an actor.

You’re an actor, you’re an actor, you’re an actor.

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