I Love L.A.

I Love L.A.

What is so great about L.A.?

I Love LA-1

Something dawned on me the other day as I was running my errands in L.A. – the city I call home:

Everyone seemed to be in a very good mood.

Drop off at the dry cleaners brought with it a huge smile and a “Have a great day!”

My quick stop at the fresh squeezed juice shop included oozing warmth behind the “What free sample can I offer you this morning?”

Everywhere I went, from the car wash to the supermarket, people seemed grateful to be alive. To what can we attribute this L.A. bliss?

Is it the ubiquitous sunshine? No, that’s too obvious and cliche, right?

When I first moved here, I was a waitress at The Improv Comedy Club.

Night after night I marveled that all my customers appeared to be happy and upbeat. I initially thought this was because I worked in a comedy club.

But after living in The City of Angels for 20 years, I now know that all those smiling, happy faces are just a product of the typical L.A. person.

There is something inherently optimistic about the people of L.A.

Maybe it’s because so many of us came here to follow our dreams and we are content in the fact that we are actually doing that.

Maybe it’s because of the freedom here – L.A. encourages you to be who you are without apology or judgement from others.

Or, hell, maybe it is because of the constant sunshine and blue skies. Whatever – I’ll take it.

I love L.A.

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