Do You Have A Manager?

Do You Have A Manager?

Would you benefit from having a manager?

When I first came to L.A., everyone was always talking about, “My manager this and my manager that.”

And I was like, “What are you, DeNiro?  Why do you need a MANAGER?”


I started my acting pursuit in New York City…

… a place where most new actors don’t have a manager.

But I quickly learned the potential value of having a manager here in L.A.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for a new actor to get lost in an AGENCY. 

You get signed, you spend a week celebrating the fact that you HAVE AN AGENT…

… and then you sit around waiting for the phone to ring. 

You try to be proactive by checking in with your agent, but each time you call or email, you get an icky feeling that you are being annoying. 

After all, your agent has at least 100 other clients to take care of. 

So you try to be patient, but you’re getting restless. 

You wish you had someone who felt more like a PARTNER. 

BAM – that’s where a Hollywood manager comes in. 

Talent Managers typically have less clients. 

They pride themselves on working very closely with each actor. 

If they’re good, they are interested in DEVELOPING YOU. 

If they’re great, they know the value of being in close contact with you. 

If they’re golden, THEY EMPOWER AND ENCOURAGE YOU every step of the way. 

So, if you arrive in L.A. and feel frustrated by the agent prospects….

…think about looking for a manager.

Many a career was built by doing just that. 

Managers typically take anywhere from 10-15% of a client’s income and they usually collect on everything you do (film, tv, commercials) regardless of whether or not they were the ones who got you the audition/job.


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