Be Unconventional!

Be Unconventional!

How versatile do you really need to be as an actor?

Most of us went to acting school, right?

And in that setting we learned how to do everything from Shakespeare to Mamet.

That training is awesome and super important, but it doesn’t teach us about our TYPE. 

Back in the day, when I worked for a talent manager, I heard the following a lot in meetings with prospective clients: 

“I can play anything.  I am totally versatile. Some people think I’m 20 but I can also play 45.  I’m a chameleon.  I can play the love interest OR the charactery part!”

When these sentences would come out of a prospective client’s mouth, I would inwardly cringe since I knew my boss was trying hard not to roll his eyes.

Listen, I get it.  I’m an actor too. 

 You were trained to play everything! You ARE a chameleon!  

However, this isn’t necessarily the smartest way to approach your actor business.

Let’s go back to what Rob Zombie (director of The Devils Rejects and Halloween) said in a recent Speak L.A. The Podcast: 

“If you’re unconventional, that’s f**king awesome.” 

In other words, don’t think you have to be able to play everything and anything. 

Be the funny guy with the weird mustache.  Let your frizzy hair be huge and crazy.  Thirty pounds heavier than you think you should be?  Own it, don’t hide it!

We hear it over and over in auditions these days:

“This director wants REAL looking people.”  

So be real. 

Figure out what your type is, what your ESSENCE is, and WORK IT. 

Get to the truth.  

Because the truth will always win the day and get you further in your career. 

You got this. 

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