Are You SAG?

Are You SAG?

Do you need to be SAG?

This question used to bring me so much angst.

Are you SAG? (Click HERE to learn ACTOR TERMINOLOGY.)

It felt like a rite of passage…

… a secret club…

…That I was NOT in. 

I agonized over the Catch 22:

I can’t audition for union jobs if I’m not in the union but I can’t get in the union without first getting a union job. (Click HERE to learn AUDITION TERMINOLOGY.)


Is this some kind of cruel joke against actors?

And how important is It to be in the unions anyway?

Bad news:  It’s pretty important. Eventually.

Good news:  There is a lot of non-union work to be had while you are building your resume.

When I first arrived in LA 20 years ago…

…actors HAD to be SAG.

There was almost no decent paying gigs if you weren’t.

Nowadays, things are different. (Click HERE for TIPS on GETTING AUDITIONS.) 

A non-union commercial actor can get a solid agent AND can even make some decent cash.

There are bonafide non-union films and non-union web series.

Good quality non-union theater is abundant in LA.

That said, I am a member of SAG and I am grateful to be. 

They have fought for me.

They have protected me.

They have gone after deadbeat companies that didn’t pay me.

They have also paid my medical bills with SAG’s incredible pension and health plan.

I love our union!

BUT… if you are still paying those dues…

…waiting and hoping to get Taft/Hartleyed…

…Don’t get all freaked out.

It will happen soon enough. (Click HERE for TIPS on HOW TO WORK WITHOUT AN AGENT.)

And in the meantime…





And celebrate being the awesome person that you are. (Click HERE for TIPS on HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN WORK.)

That SAG card is in your future. 

And for now, YOU’RE OKAY!

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