Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Are you really ready to be an actor?


“You’ll get your shot. Just make sure when you do – you’re ready!”

One of many inspiring things George Wendt said when we were lucky enough to host him on a recent Speak L.A. podcast.

George was actually quoting the great Jack Nicholson.

“You’ll get your shot. Just make sure when you do – you’re ready!”

Are you ready?

I sure wasn’t when I first came to L.A.

I was one of those actors without a lot of training.

I had watched TV and thought: “I’m pretty sure I can do that.”


It looks a lot easier than it is, right?

There are countless stories of actors who got their big break before they were ready and consequently had short careers that quickly crashed and burned.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Think of yourself like an athlete going to the Olympics.

Would you grab ahold of the parallel bars or dive in the pool alongside Michael Phelps if you hadn’t trained for years first?

Of course you wouldn’t.

As an actor in L.A., what does it mean to be ready?

It means you’ve studied your craft.

It means you’ve read books and done your research on acting in Los Angeles.

It means you understand your type.

It means you don’t feel entitled, but rather deserving.  Know the difference.

If you’re not ready, find a class and start working on your craft (don’t worry, it’s super fun).

If you are ready, get going and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!  You got this!

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