A Different Direction

A Different Direction

I was pretty sure I sucked until I realized THIS.


My agent called on a Monday morning saying I had an audition for a USC student film at 5PM that afternoon. I wish I could tell you I was enthusiastic and full of good cheer by this news.

I agreed to go, but the moment I hung up the phone, the bad attitude began.

“I’ve been living in L.A. for six years,” I thought to myself. “I’m still auditioning for non-paying student films?!”

I drove to the audition in terrible traffic, and I begrudgingly went in to read for the student director.

But… during the audition, my attitude shifted. We worked on the scene and I started having fun (the material was really good!).

I drove home excited.

Surely, I would book this! I had already done a few commercials and a few guest stars on TV shows. They’d be lucky to get me, right?


My agent called that Friday and said, “They didn’t respond to you and went in a different direction.” (This will be the title of my autobiography someday, btw).

I spent a day engrossed in self pity. Thoughts like “I’m not even good enough to book a non-paying student film???” flooded my mind.

“Why am I even doing this? I suck, I suck, I suck…”

Later that same day, my phone rang. It was my commercial agent.

“You just booked a national commercial. You’re going to be riding a white horse on the beach in Malibu (loaned to the production company by Billy Crystal) for the next three days.”

What?! Lucky me!!!

Twenty minutes later another call, this time from my theatrical agents…

“Remember that Rob Zombie movie you auditioned for last month that we thought you didn’t get?”


“You got it. You’re going to spend the next month and a half shooting on the Universal backlot.”

Holy cow. Two jobs in one day after over a year of NO jobs.

What’s the lesson here?

This is a town full of surprises and non-sequiturs.

Don’t let any one thing define you.

Don’t base who you are on what gigs you’re getting or not getting.

The drug (and fun) of this business is that anything can change in a moment.

Try to enjoy the ride and you just might be surprised and delighted by what comes your way!

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