8 Million Hits

8 Million Hits

When should you quit on your career?

8 Million Hits-1

As actors, we need inspiration to keep us going.

It’s a well known parable. Maybe you’ve heard it.

A wise teacher presents his student with a rock and a hammer. He tells his student he must hit the rock until it splits wide open.

“Easy,” thinks the student.

He hits it once. Nothing.

He hits it again. Still nothing.

The student continues to hit – over and over – day after day.

The student is feeling exhausted and discouraged, but he keeps at it. Hit, hit , hit…

Months go by. He won’t give up.

Finally, on the 8,366,422nd hit, the rock splits wide open.

With relief and satisfaction, the student grins up at his wise teacher. “Wow”, he exclaims. “That last hit must have really been something.”

The teacher smiles and gently responds, “No, my child. It wasn’t the last hit that broke your rock open. It was the combination of all your hard work – each and every one of those hits – that
led to this moment.”

You get it. Don’t stop banging away on that acting career of yours. Your final hit will come.

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