5 Tricks Toward Commercial Acting

5 Tricks Toward Commercial Acting

5 Smart Steps to getting into commercials.

It looks so easy!

Just hold the product, say a few words, and WHAMO…

…You’ve shot a commercial.

But actually, there are a few solid tricks.

The PROS know what they are.


#1 Align Yourself With The Right Commercial Agent

If you haven’t been out in three months (if you haven’t had an audition), it’s time to start looking for a new agent. How do you do this?  Send a hardcopy submission to every commercial agent in town with your headshot and resume enclosed. Follow up a week later with an email. Keep your cover letter short and simple – no more than three sentences. (Click HERE for TIPS ON HOW TO REACH OUT TO AN AGENT.)

#2 Improv Improv Improv

There is nothing the commercial world loves more than actors who are adept at improvisation. If your improv skills are shaky, get yourself into a class at a reputable studio – UCB, The Groundlings or Second City. Make sure (if you are reaching out to agents) that you tell them where you have studied improv. (Click HERE for more IMPROV TIPS.)

#3: Have A Couple Commercial Audition Uniforms

Commercial types fall into only a few categories: Young Mom, Business Casual,  Leading Man, College Student, etc. Know which category(s) you fit into, and have an outfit that is perfect for that category.  Take your head shots in your audition uniform and wear that to every audition. (Click HERE for more TIPS on BRAND and TYPE.)

#4 Embrace The Non-Union

It’s a great time to be non-union because so many commercials these days are such. If you’re reaching out to agents, make sure you include your union status in your cover letter. (Click HERE for more TIPS on the BUSINESS OF ACTING.)

#5 Listen To Speak L.A. Podcasts With Commercial Experts

On the Speak LA website you will find one helpful podcast on this subject matter.  a) Spitfire Casting – one of L.A.’s top commercial casting offices. 

Spitfire Casting has invaluable information to share. 

Spend a half an hour listening and you will be filled with knowledge and insight.

And finally…

…There is no reason for you to NOT be working in commercials!

Commercial work leads to jobs in film and television.

So don’t be a dodo bird.

Get yourself going towards booking a… 


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