5 Tips to Booking a Call Back

5 Tips to Booking a Call Back

Do THIS to nail your callback EVERY TIME.


These are the words we all want to hear, Amiright?


…Excitement!  I have a real shot at this!


…Fear and Questions!

What if I F up? 

Do I perform the scene exactly the same way?

Do I wear the same outfit?

What are the tricks to closing this thing?!


Enjoy some confidence, Rockstar!  They’re calling you back because they like what you did the first time.  Let that encouragement carry you in! (Click HERE for more TIPS on MINDSET.)

#2 Perform The Scene The Same Way

Again, they are calling you back because they liked what you did the first time. Don’t think you have to add something or make it “fresh” or “new”.  Do the SAME DAMN THING you did the first time.  If they want a change, they will re-direct you. (Click HERE for TIPS from a FEATURE FILM CASTING DIRECTOR.)

#3 Take Your Time

Typically casting directors call back 2 – 5 actors. This means, they might have a tiny bit more time for questions and collaboration.  Have something ready to ask before you perform that will connect you with the casting director and ground you in the room. (Click HERE for TIPS from a FEATURE FILM DIRECTOR.)

#4 Run It, Run It, Run It

You may feel confident that you did it once so you can do it again.  However sometimes replicating an acting moment takes a lot of practice. Ask your roommate/your friend/your spouse to run it with you at least 10 times before going in so YOU KNOW you can do EXACTLY what you did in the first audition. (Click HERE for more AUDITION TIPS.)

#5 Wear The Same Outfit

This just makes sense.  You don’t want the director saying, “Where’s the dude with the funny tank top?” Or, “What happened to the girl with the bandana in her hair?” Again, THEY ARE CALLING YOU BACK because they liked what they saw.  Bring that same sh*t back the second time!

Getting a callback is an awesome feeling, but remember – NOT getting a callback doesn’t mean you sucked.  There are a million reasons you might not book the job and they usually don’t have anything to do with your talent.

Stay strong, Stay focused, and Carry on. (Click HERE to LEARN your AUDITION TERMS.)

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