5 Tips on Taking a Great Headshot

5 Tips on Taking a Great Headshot

Here's 5 tips toward a great headshot.

1. Wear a top that is the same color as your eyes.

This will have a very dramatic effect and make your eyes pop.

2. Only take pictures with a photographer you like personally.

If you feel uncomfortable with the person behind the camera, it will show.  Believe me, I’ve done it.

3. Get plenty of sleep the night before and take pictures in the afternoon.

The last thing you want to look in your headshot is tired!

4. Hire someone to do your hair and makeup.

This added cost can really make a difference and will give your photos a more polished look.  BUT, definitely show the makeup/hair person a photo of how YOU do your own hair and makeup so they don’t make you look like a totally different person.  Smokey eyes are great, but not if you never look like that.

5. Know what characters you best play, BEFORE you take the headshots.

Spend a little time watching TV and talking to friends to really zero in on your type.  No sense taking a photo of yourself as a leading man if your look is that of a tough guy.

You got this!

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