5 Invaluable Tips For Your Acting Career

5 Invaluable Tips For Your Acting Career

5 invaluable tips when starting out.

5 Invaluable Tips For Your Acting Career

The following Blog is written by Daniel Brea

There is a lot of B.S. in Hollywood, too much, in fact, so let’s just cut straight to the point of why your career is not taking off and be real. I love what I do, I do it because I am passionate about story-telling and unfortunately I’m going to keep running into the flames like an idiot. But, if I’m crazy enough to keep trying, my guess is you are too. So, I figure, we’re all in this together and I’m going to do what I can to help.

I’ve seen so many actors fail and continually fall on their face because of minor mistakes in their career that could have been avoided if they just followed certain rules, made certain decisions, DIDN’T make certain decisions.

Today I’m going to share – from my point of view as a producer, director and wearer of many hats, how you can start your acting career off in the right direction, and stay there. (Click HERE for more TIPS on YOUR ACTOR BUSINESS.)

1. Be you. yes, #beyou. Bring yourself to your auditions, to networking events. Directors want to know that who they are going to be spending HOURS a day on set with will be someone easy to get along with, easy to work with and someone who cares about their vision. Leave the diva at home, relax, and have fun! You’re doing what you love – always remember, actors in Idaho will never get the opportunities you get. Don’t take them for granted. (Click HERE for more TIPS on BALANCE IN YOUR ACTOR LIFE.)

2.  Invest in yourself. Yes, to get money you sometimes have to spend some money. This goes for anyone ever in the history of EVER trying to work freelance. You will need to drop the dough. This means: Invest in professional, clean, good headshots. If you have no acting material for a reel, get some, INVEST in a good quality reel shoot. They are not cheap, do not get cheap reel scenes shot THEY WILL GET THROWN OUT. Producers and casting directors can smell a bad reel scene from miles away. Get something done that really exposes your range and your talent AND has high production quality. When you show companies that you care about yourself and your acting they know you will care about their project and take it seriously. (Click HERE for more TIPS on GETTING A GREAT REEL.)

3. Social Media. Unfortunately, I have no alternative answer than what you’ve been told. Yes, you need to have a solid social media standing to stand out a little more these days. The hard truth of it is: if you don’t have those AUTHENTIC followers, your consideration for a role will go down. When you and another actor are both just as talented and being considered for the same role, but their reach is 10k followers and yours is 4…. why would the producer not choose the one who is going to mean better advertisement for their movie? They just won’t. It’s the truth. Get yourself a good social media manager and keep your posts consistent to who you want to market yourself as! (Click HERE for more TIPS from SOCIAL MEDIA GURU HEIDI DEAN.)

4. Stay non union as long as you can. There are many myths about joining the union. Like any business, they want your money. The bottom line is this: When you join the union you put yourself at a different playing field. One that you may not be qualified for if you do not have the portfolio to prove yourself yet and therefore, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot. Many young actors I have seen join SAG prematurely and, unfortunately, their acting career goes into a slow descent from there. Be patient. Build up your credits and your material and ride the non union train as LONG as you can. (Click HERE for more TIPS on SAG.)

5. Finally – NETWORK. I can definitely tell you that from personal experience, more than half of the actors I have cast have been from actors I’ve met at film festivals, friends of friends – or just friends. Nepotism is a real thing. Get out there, make friends with producers, hand them your card with a solid headshot on it, make sure it contains a link to where they can see your epic reel, be you – be someone they want to spend more time with on set, follow them immediately on your social media – I promise you will get more roles from this than going to 100 auditions.  (Click HERE for TIPS on CONNECTING WITH CASTING DIRECTORS.)

You can check out Daniel’s upcoming workshop with more real, straight to the point industry instruction and a guide on how you can boost your acting career in the right direction:


Daniel Brea is a L.A. based film producer, director and editor known for his original and out of the box approach to filmmaking. From Viral sensation “A Millennial Job Interview” to critically acclaimed documentary film “Escape From Room 18” and Feature film “Our Little Secret”, Daniel’s talents continue to contribute to the success of every project he gets involved with. Daniel Brea has created over 1500 individual films and videos from educational content to national commercials for major brands, PSA’s, TV shows and much more. Daniel is also an educator and public speaker who frequently tours the US sharing his craft and multi-continental, ex-commando soldier life experiences with thousands of young and inspired minds.

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