5 Hot Tips from a Movie Director

5 Hot Tips from a Movie Director

Here's 5 hot tips straight from a movie director.

In case you don’t have time to listen to the whole 30 minute podcast, here are five awesome tips WRITER/DIRECTOR, Josh Stolberg (Saw 8, Piranha 3D, Good Luck Chuck, Conception) shared when he sat down with us. 


#1: “I want REAL PEOPLE.  That’s what I’m looking for.”

#2: “What I’m looking for in an actor is effortlessness.”   (In response to how Josh approaches going through headshots).  

#3: “It’s not your fault if you don’t get the part.” 

#4: “You’ve got to combine the artistry with the business.  That’s your job.”

#5: “Acting is one of those careers where you can be incredible and still really struggle.” 

True that!

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