Beginning Acting Class


This online 6 week class will focus on the fundamentals of acting. You will leave this class with an understanding of how to break down a script and apply it to character work. 

This class will:

Enable you to approach any script with confidence and ease.

Teach you what actor technique is and give you a defined and clear process of how to develop a character.

Prepare you for ongoing scene study class.

Embolden you in the audition and rehearsal space.

Teach you what it means to be a trained actor.

Join Speak L.A.'s Beginning Acting Class


This class is offered two times a year in the Fall and the Spring. 


Fall Class Session

Dates: Thursday October 7th - Thursday November 3rd.

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST

Cost: $375

What Actors Are Saying... 

About Me As A Teacher...


Hi! I LOVE the process of acting, breaking down a script and developing a character. I teach from my extensive actor training and pull training modalities from around world. I have been on the faculty of the USC School of Drama, Santa Barbara City College and the University of Washington. In addition to teaching acting, I have taught business of acting seminars throughout schools in the US and abroad. Teaching actors is my greatest joy. Come and work with me!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this acting class right for you?


An acting class needs to be the right fit for you. 

If you have a question e-mail me below.

What Are My Class Options?


  • Classes are taught in a monthly format either online or in person. 

Online classes

  • focus on script analysis work and the process of how to break-down and develop a character based on the evidence within the text. Doing this work enables the actor to fully embody a character and develop a role no matter what material the actor is presented with. 

In person classes

  • focus on movement and connecting the physicality of the actor's impulse to the text. The practice enables the actor to find freedom in their acting and a deeper sense of connection with how their body moves and how physicality and impulse changes your body naturally.

Introduction to Acting Technique


In this 6 week Zoom class you will learn the fundamentals of acting.  The focus will be on how to breakdown and analyze a script. This is an introduction to scene study class that will enable you to enter into any scene study class with an understanding of how to fully develop and portray a character.



Master Class


This 4 week online scene study class is for experienced actors.  The Master Class is an ongoing monthly class that takes a deeper look at script analysis, sensory work, character work, performance technique and character transformation. Admittance is is by invitation only. Please inquire to see if this class is appropriate for you.