Hey! I'm Jen Jostyn

jen-jostyn Speak L.A.
jen-jostyn Speak L.A.
jen-jostyn Speak L.A.
jen-jostyn Speak L.A.
I grew up in Boston and moved to California toute suite after graduating from high school.

I had dreamed of Hollywood for years and years and was SO excited to finally be here.

I started out in Orange County because it was cheaper and only an hour away from the action. That was my first mistake… of many. 🙂

Cut to a few years later – I moved to L.A.

Once here, I got in an acting class at the studio down the street from my apartment because it was convenient and close. Hello Mistake #2! It wasn’t the RIGHT class. The teacher was inexperienced and not inspiring and the other students were not serious. How could I have known that? Who could I ask?!

I searched for information on how to get ahead in this town.

I got ripped off. I got bad intel. I wasted precious time because I didn’t know what I DIDN’T KNOW.

I would drive around L.A., passing movie studios and films being made everywhere, and wondered what these people knew that I didn’t.

Finally, I got a break. I was cast as a dancer in a Pepsi commercial with Madonna which got me into the actors’ union.

Then I co-starred in a movie (The Brothers McMullen) that won The Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Finally some stuff was happening!

My career started to take off from there and I enjoyed many wonderful acting experiences along the way.

Today I live in a house that I love with my incredible family, I am surrounded by dear friends, and I still get to work as an actor when I’m not teaching or making podcasts with my pal, Camille.

I share all this to say that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! You just need someone to help you understand the ins and outs of this town.

Coming up, my peers and I all asked ourselves, “Why isn’t there a HUB? A place actors can go to learn all the business-y stuff you need to know as an actor? The stuff they don’t teach us in acting school!”

Well NOW there is! Speak L.A.

And we created it JUST FOR YOU.