Hey! I'm Camille Thornton-Alson

camille-thornton-alson Speak L.A.
camille-thornton-alson Speak L.A.
camille-thornton-alson Speak L.A.
camille-thornton-alson Speak L.A.
I grew up in Northern California and am happy to now be a SoCal defector. Hollywood rocks!

So, I’ve always loved acting.

I wanted to be really good at it so I decided to study, study, study.

I trained in London. I took acting classes in Paris from the best teachers.

I went to Conservatory Grad School in Washington and got my MFA in Theatre.

I moved to L.A. and I was READY. But was I?

Wait!! No one taught me that you have to understand the BUSINESS side of acting.

No one told me that getting an agent is hard!

No one told me that there is a way this town works, a LANGUAGE of L.A., and if you don’t understand that, you’ll always feel on the outside.

Slowly… I started to figure it all out. Like 5 years slowly.

I made progress, but I had to do it all ON MY OWN.

There was no place, no center, to help new actors moving to L.A.

But now there is! Speak L.A.!

Being on the teaching staff of Santa Barbara City College’s Theatre Department for the last few years has shown me up close how much a service like Speak L.A is needed.

I have been a film producer, a writer, an acting teacher and even an agent’s assistant.

From stage to screen and back again, I get it. And I get what you are feeling right now.

You need information. You need knowledge. You need help. You need a place where you can learn all this and learn it fast.

Lucky for you, you found it! 🙂